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Mixed Messages

A Better Built Blog from your friends at Pancheros Mexican Grill

The Boards the Word

October 3rd, 2013

We have recently started unrolling a new menu system in all Pancheros restaurants. 

Although your burrito itself hasn't changed, the way you order it will now look a little different. 




*prices not accurate to any Pancheros restaurant.

Thank You From Dance Marathon

May 7th, 2013

Every year for the past seven years, some of our Iowa restaurants have teamed up with Dance Marathon to support the Children's Miracle Network. Dance Marathon is a student-run organization that works to support patients and their families being treated at University of Iowa Children’s Hospital. It is a year round organization that culminates with a 24-hour Big Event in February. The Big Event honors children’s fight against cancer and celebrates life. Pancheros has helped to support Dance Marathon by providing thousands of burritos to their Big Event each year in February. Students dance anywhere from 8-24 hours to raise money and believe me, dancing for 24 hours can really work up an appetite that sometimes only a burrito can satisfy...

Below is a note from the Children's Mericale Network at UI Children's Hospital thanking Pancheros for our partnership with them. Plus, check out some photos from previous Dance Marathon events!

CMN at UI Children’s Hospital is so thankful to have the support of Pancheros.  Over the past seven years, Pancheros has generously donated more than 13,000 burritos to participants of multiple dance marathons in the state.  It is simple math, when dance marathons do not have to pay for the meals that they feed their dancers, they are able to make a larger donation to the hospital for the kids, FTK!
If Pancheros were to sell the burrito’s that have been donated to dance marathons that support UI Children’s Hospital, it would equal about $80,000! WOW!!  Pancheros stands for something alright, they stand FOR THE KIDS! Thank you, Pancheros!



Bringing a Pancheros near you?

August 6th, 2012

We are extremely excited to announce some big plans for future growth and development for Pancheros. If you live in the western part of the U.S. and have ever wondered why it has been exceedingly difficult for you to get your hands on some fresh-pressed goodness, worry no more! California, Nevada and Oregon are going to be the next states Pancheros will be able to call home. In an effort to further our world domination even more, we are also planning some new restaurants in Minnesota. 

The number one thing I hear from all of the great Pancheros supporters on our social mediums is "why are you not closer to me?" or "when will you open another location here?". I love those kinds of questions. And this post is my response. We are expanding. Quite quickly. And I sincerely hope that some of you avid questioners out there now have some hope for a Pancheros in your future!

$5,000 for saving Bobs

June 5th, 2012

Until a few short weeks ago, Mark Sheldon always thought of Pancheros as a place to get a great burrito. Then he discovered the great initiative Pancheros was putting together to Save people named Bob.

In a quick moment that would change Mark's life forever, he decided to pledge his support to help Save Bobs; And now, Mark is $5,000 richer because of it. That's right, Mark from Bismarck, ND is our grand prize of $5,000.

I had a nice chat with Mark recently, and asked him why his pledge to Save Bobs was so near and dear to his heart. Mark had this to say: "Well, I'm not named Bob, obviously, but I had a good friend named Bob who drove me towards my current career path as an educator."

I'm going to call that the one degree of Bobs. Even if you are not a Bob, chances are, you know a Bob. And those chances are increasing ever so slightly as Pancheros works to continue the fight worth fighting to stop the plight of Bobs.


So, to wrap things up, congratulations, Mark!

The First National Bobs Day

May 2nd, 2012

Burritos, bursting at the seams, free to anyone named Bob.

May 1st, 2012 marked the first official National Bobs day. Pancheros is leading the way in the fight to save the name Bob. If you haven't been fully educated about the initiative, no worries, just head over to our page at savebobs.org, or on Facebook, and watch the video of our friend Bob explaining the current state of the Bob economy. 

But, Pancheros decided it wasn't enough to just raise awareness about the plight of the name Bob, oh no... we needed to do our part by giving each and every Bob a hot meal; A burrito, to be more specific. 

Ergo, National Bob day was born. On May 1st, anyone named Bob, Rob, Robert, Bobbie, Boberta or Roberina could walk into a Pancheros and proudly proclaim "I am Bob, give me burrito!" and after a few awkward glances from other dining patrons, they would receive a FREE burrito!

What would this world be had we listened to the great musical musings of Steve Marley, would Mark Dole proudly run for president? And lets be honest, Rick Dylan just sounds ridiculous. Throughout history, Bobs have made a difference in the lives of others, and we are here to fight the fight that needs fighting! Every day Pancheros relies on a Bob that is near and dear to our hearts. With Bob's help, we've torn down the walls that once stood between meat and rice, between beans and salsa. Ingredients can now co-conspire as one. Bob has single-handedly revolutionized burrito building forever.

Below is a collection of Bobs and their burritos. A girl hugging a Bob with a burrito. Also, a photo of a burrito taken by Bob.


Were you one of the fortunate Bobs to get a burrito? Let us know how the sweet taste of FREEdom was.