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Mixed Messages

A Better Built Blog from your friends at Pancheros Mexican Grill

Do The Evolution

March 6th, 2012

We have been rocking and rolling lately with some very exciting updates. This fancy new website you are clicking around on? Only like a week old.. But, along with the unveiling of this website last week, we also introduced some tweaks to the Pancheros logo marks. This new blog seemed like a great way to share some thoughts.


Our goals with the website: Fun and Functionality. Visiting a website should be fun. We aimed to make you giggle a few times, maybe even lol. Burritos are serious business, but that doesn't mean we can't have fun while servering you up with burrito goodness. One of the key functions I want to point out is the ability to easily navigate someone to the nearest Pancheros burrito. After all, you don't want to be the one thing standing between a hardcore burrito lover and their Pancheros burrito. With that safety for the public in mind, we devised a Pancheros store locater. Now, whether you are on a smartphone, or a big, bulky computer, you can instantly geo-locate your position and see the Pancheros closest to you. Geo-location not your thing? No problem, search by city, state or zip to plot your nearest Pancheros. Go ahead, give it a try! 


Think evolution, not revolution. We are a twenty year old company with some seriously great roots. We wouldn't want to run away from that even if we could. Visually, though, we found this to be a good time to visit a few details. The Pancheros script was updated to a thicker typeface, but still retained that unique, handwritten quality. The emblem that sits above the Pancheros script is a bold tribute to the one and only Bob the Tool. Oh, Bob, a burrito is not a burrito without your delicate touch. We have built a new standard for burritos using this little guy, and he needed some recognition. 


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Franchisee Of The Year

February 6th, 2012

Its not every day that we name an honorary Franchisee Of The Year. In fact, it only happens once a year!

It just so happens that 2011 was our first year to award one of our franchisees with this distinction. Lou Kathrakis, our knight in shining armor franchisee, took home the 2011 award.  Lou and his restaurant in Shelton, CT have been together, very happily, since 2007. Lou even has plans to expand his Pancheros empire in the near future! You go, Lou.

So, if you see Lou at the Shelton, CT location, or if you're just lucky enough to see Lou walking down the street; stop and congratulate him! Also, ask to see his big trophy.


We weren't the only ones excited about this award, we had a few press people talking about Lou's success.

FastCasual.com  Franchising.com  QSRmagazine.com  RestaurantNews.com

Also, Lou's Mom wrote a really nice note to him. But I decided to be nice and not post that...yet.



QSR Vlogging Article

January 8th, 2012

Chances are if you've been on the Pancheros Twitter feed, or at this blog before, you've seen something about Twitter Trivia.

Twitter Trivia is game I play every Friday using the Pancheros Twitter handle. The main goal is really just to engage with my follwers and give them a chance to win some prizes! (if you don't already play, you should probably start doing so) It is a fun way for me to set aside some time each week and make sure I'm giving my followers some well-deserved attention. But, as a bonus, Pancheros got some attention in regards to Twitter Trivia from QSR magazine. One of the components of Twitter Trivia is the video I shoot and post to this blog every Friday announcing the winners. Video blogging, or 'Vlogging," has really taken off recently and QSR wanted to get a little insight about the topic from yours truly.

One more plug for Twitter Trivia: check out Pancheros on Twitter every Friday at 11:00am(CST). Answer the question via an @ reply, and may the luck of the burritos be with you.