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Mixed Messages

A Better Built Blog from your friends at Pancheros Mexican Grill

Bob’s Birthday

March 31st, 2009

Tomorrow is the big day! We are celebrating the first birthday of Bob the Tool. If you've been into Panchero's before, you may have seen bob, the little spatula-like guy at the end of the serving line. He enjoys lazing away in stainless steel tubs but he really thrives on mixing it up (your burrito, that is). When you finish choosing all your yummy ingredients, just say "Bob my Burrito!" and watch him go to work.

Lucky Bob... he is a noun and a verb. Nobody "Joels" a burrito. at least not that I'm aware of.

So come celebrate with us and with Bob! If you come in tomorrow, April 1st, and say "Bob my Burrito!" you will get your soda (or "pop" for us strange folk who prefer the term) free with your meal. You might even be one of the lucky party people to get some free Bob party gear! Feeling lucky?

It should be a great time! No fooling! (forgive me for that one)