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Save The Bobs!

April 3rd, 2012

At Pancheros, we rely on a Bob everyday--Bob the Tool. With Bob’s help, we’ve torn down the walls that once stood between meat and rice, between beans and salsa. Ingredients can no co-conspire as one. Bob has single-handedly revolutionized burrito building forever. Viva la Bob the Tool.
But when we began celebratinge everything that is Bob the Tool we stumbled upon some very startling data. Bobs are going extinct. No, really, since the early 1900’s Bob was one of the most popular names in America. But for reasons yet unknown, the name Bob began a fateful downward spiral.

Bobs have lost their footing in the world. This was news we simply could not ignore. So, with funding in part by Pancheros Mexican Grill, the Bobs Preservation Foundation (BPF) was founded. Now we have made it easier than ever to lend a hand to Bobs in need. We are even paying someone $5,000 just for being a Bob, or being friends with a Bob. We are also making sure Bobs are fed, by giving everyone named Bob a free burrito on May 1st at particpating Pancheros restaurants. With you help, we can bring Bobs back from the brink!

Watch the video below from the Bobs Preservation Foundation to learn all about this noble cause.