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Mixed Messages

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“Who is Bob?” You Tell Us, You Win

March 7th, 2009
It's contest time. Bob the Tool is celebrating his birthday soon (April 1) and we're getting in the celebrating spirit. To help us prepare for this special day, we're looking to all of you for some creative storytelling. Who is Bob the Tool? What's his story? If you bumped into him on the street, what would he say, does he have an alter ego? We want to know what creative stories you have as an answer to those questions (because "a couple guys designed a piece of plastic and called it Bob" isn't nearly as exciting). So here's the deal: Until Friday, March 20th at noon, create your Bob story with any combination of text, pictures and video (blog it, post it to YouTube, go nuts!). Then post a link to your story in the comments of this post by noon the 13th. The highly critical (or wait... was it "easily entertained") minds here at Panchero's will narrow the submissions down to 5 entries. We'll post those 5 on Monday the 23rd and you will be able to vote for your favorite through the 27th. The winner will get two SEVEN free burritos (yes, that is a WEEK of free burritos) and a party gift from Bob's birthday bash! If you're quite the wordsmith, send us your pretty prose!
Bob is my best friend! He’s always there for me! When Chris and I broke up, Bob was there. When my puppy got hit by a car, Bob was there. When I got a new job and wanted to celebrate, again Bob was there! There’s something to be said for consistency. He knows just how to make everything better! Oh, and he can always make me laugh with the way he moves! Back and forth, shakin it! It is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen! Makes me smile! The other day when I was having lunch with Bob, he mentioned that he didn’t want to do anything for his birthday. He said he feels much older than he is, so celebrating will just remind him how young he is! I think that this party everyone’s throwing for him will be great! He may say he doesn’t want to do anything, but I know once those presents are out, and the balloons are up, he’ll smile and shake it better than anyone else!
If you're more of a visual person, if you're addicted to Photoshop (yes, you're not alone), if you have an eye for design: send us (or link to) your image! bob-norris lebob-james1 Is video your thing? Make a short "Bob" film and send us a link! Let me know if you have questions. Here are some .png files you can use for your productions! bobbob2