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I can has Mayor?

January 21st, 2010

foursquare_logoSome of you may have noticed people proclaiming themselves as "Mayor" on Twitter and Facebook. Then you think to yourself, "I don't remember voting for any of these people!?" No need to write a letter to your senators, everything is okay. It's actually an up and coming social media platform called Foursquare who is responsible for all this Mayor talk recently.

Foursquare recently opened it's virtual doors to all cities, allowing people to take advantage of their new services. My friends over at Lavarow do an amazing job explaining common uses of Foursquare if you need some insight! But what does this have to do with Panchero's you ask? Being a loyal patron of a coffee shop, restaurant or bar has always been a point of personal pride. But now, you can broadcast that loyalty to the world and compete with other loyal patrons! If you have the most checkins at a location you are dubbed the official Mayor of that location and inevitably receive burrito bragging rights until someone comes along and ousts you from your seat of power. So, get out there and proclaim your status as the Panchero's Mayor of your city!

Here are a few people who already have a spot in office:

Mt. Laurel, NJ - Coralville, IA - Livonia, MI

Already on Foursquare? So is Panchero's!