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QSR Vlogging Article

January 8th, 2012

Chances are if you've been on the Pancheros Twitter feed, or at this blog before, you've seen something about Twitter Trivia.

Twitter Trivia is game I play every Friday using the Pancheros Twitter handle. The main goal is really just to engage with my follwers and give them a chance to win some prizes! (if you don't already play, you should probably start doing so) It is a fun way for me to set aside some time each week and make sure I'm giving my followers some well-deserved attention. But, as a bonus, Pancheros got some attention in regards to Twitter Trivia from QSR magazine. One of the components of Twitter Trivia is the video I shoot and post to this blog every Friday announcing the winners. Video blogging, or 'Vlogging," has really taken off recently and QSR wanted to get a little insight about the topic from yours truly.

One more plug for Twitter Trivia: check out Pancheros on Twitter every Friday at 11:00am(CST). Answer the question via an @ reply, and may the luck of the burritos be with you.