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$5,000 for saving Bobs

June 5th, 2012

Until a few short weeks ago, Mark Sheldon always thought of Pancheros as a place to get a great burrito. Then he discovered the great initiative Pancheros was putting together to Save people named Bob.

In a quick moment that would change Mark's life forever, he decided to pledge his support to help Save Bobs; And now, Mark is $5,000 richer because of it. That's right, Mark from Bismarck, ND is our grand prize of $5,000.

I had a nice chat with Mark recently, and asked him why his pledge to Save Bobs was so near and dear to his heart. Mark had this to say: "Well, I'm not named Bob, obviously, but I had a good friend named Bob who drove me towards my current career path as an educator."

I'm going to call that the one degree of Bobs. Even if you are not a Bob, chances are, you know a Bob. And those chances are increasing ever so slightly as Pancheros works to continue the fight worth fighting to stop the plight of Bobs.


So, to wrap things up, congratulations, Mark!