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Mixed Messages

A Better Built Blog from your friends at Pancheros Mexican Grill

July 20 Twitter Trivia Winners

July 20th, 2012

To the moon and back. (but next time with burritos, yeah?)
Check out this weeks video to see if you are a lucky winner. Or just watch if you're curious what the heck Twitter Trivia is.

Have a good weekend, see ya next week!

June 15 Twitter Trivia Winners

June 15th, 2012


Fathers day, hit TV show, AND a Bob reference? You should probably just check out the video to see what the heck i'm talking about...

As for those lucky three winners, congrats! and don't forget to DM me your mailing info for prizes.

Everyone else, thank you for playing and enjoy the weekend!

February 3 Twitter Trivia Winners

February 3rd, 2012
Super Bowl is just around the corner, so naturally the trivia question had to be about something related. Curious what that something is? Watch the video, all will be revealed. winners, don't forget to DM me a mailing address on Twitter. Everyone else, thanks for playing! see ya next week.

January 20 Twitter Trivia Winners

January 20th, 2012
Lots of players, but only three winners. Check to see if you are one of the lucky three. Twitter Trivia happens every Friday at 11:00cst SHARP! on Twitter. (@pancheros) Congrats to our winners, taking home some sweet prizes. Everyone else, thanks for playing and good luck next week!

January 13th Twitter Trivia Winners

January 13th, 2012
Friday the 13th isn't unlucky for our three winners. Check the video to see if you are one of them! Also, just watch the video because it's cool. winners, Direct Message me a mailing address; everyone else, thanks for playing!

First Twitter Trivia Winners of 2012

January 6th, 2012
The inaugural winners of 2012 have been chosen. Watch the video to see if you are one of the lucky few to be drawn. Every week, 11:00(cst) sharp! Check out @pancheros on Twitter to play. Winners, don't forget to direct message me a mailing address, so I can get you all of your goodies. thanks for playing!

Last Twitter Trivia Winners of 2011

December 30th, 2011
That's right, another year of Twitter Trivia is down in history. This is your last chance to see if 2011 was your year to claim Twitter Trivia victory. Winners, prizes, answers, questions... all in this video.

December 9 Twitter Trivia Winners

December 9th, 2011
No there isn't a vanilla burrito on the horizon. If you're confused by that statement, watch the video to find out what I'm talking about. Winners, don't forget to DM me a mailing address. Everyone else, thanks for playing and see ya next week on Twitter Trivia Fridays!