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Pancheros Mexican Grill

The Steaks Are High

The Steaks Are High

It’s a weird time, folks. Covid-19 has changed a lot, but most recently it’s impacted the supply of beef in the United States. Beef prices are nearing record-highs, and it’s forcing us to temporarily increase the price of steak in your entree by $1.00. It’s not something we take lightly, and we promise that when beef prices come back down, so will our steak prices.

And while Covid-19 has changed a lot, it hasn’t changed our commitment to providing the best experience to our guests by serving freshly prepared, simple ingredients in a fresh-pressed tortilla.

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Burritos Better Built

Better built or bust.

Fresh-pressed tortillas. The finest ingredients. Perfectly mixed bites. Better Built Burritos are in a league of their own. Standing tall as they are proud, tasty as they are sturdy. Standing boldly above their lesser-built burrito peers.

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