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Burritos with Benefits®

Getting some free burrito action has never been easier

For every dollar you spend, earn one rewards point. After 100 points, you’ll get a free burrito. Seriously, we’d never mess around on you.

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Questions about benefits?

Q: Does it cost anything to join?

A: Nope – The app is completely free to download (and won't cost you data if you use our free in-store WIFI) and the program is free to use as well.

Q: Where do I download the app?

A: The Burritos with Benefits Rewards app is available on both the Android and Apple app stores. You can find it by searching "Pancheros".

Q: How many points do I have to earn until I receive my free stuff?

A: 100.

Q: What is the conversion of points to dollars?

A: 1 to 1. 1 point = $1. Math is hard. This is easy.

Q: I’m not able to redeem my points for a burrito, what gives?

A: You may have a problem with your app or your account. Contact marketing@pancheros.com and we'll help you get to the bottom of this.

Q: Anything I buy at Pancheros earns me points towards free food, eh?

A: Everything but Gift Cards and alcoholic beverages. Please drink and earn responsibly.

Q: Does Burritos With Benefits mean I can only redeem my points for a burrito?

A: Of course not. You can get any of our five main menu items when you reach 100 points.

Q: I used to have a card, but I lost it, where can I get another one?

A: Rewards card? We don't use no stinking rewards card. We've got an app for that now. You can download it at an app store.

Q: How do I earn points if I forget my phone?

A: What kind of person doesn't have their phone on them literally at all times?! But, no fear, just save your receipt and take a picture of the barcode using the app when you find your phone.

Q: I gave you some of my contact info, why do you need that?

A: Your information is collected to confirm that you are you. No funny business. We may send you emails from time to time, but you can easily choose to opt-out of these after receiving one.

Q: What if I don't have a smartphone?

A: You can still partcipate in our rewards program.

  1. Ask for a receipt after your purchase.
  2. Enter the information from the receipt on our website after logging in to your account.
  3. When you have a reward ready to redeem, you can print off the QR code or bring the 7 digit pin in to the restaurant and give that to the person at the register.

Still have questions? Contact us here: marketing@pancheros.com